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The ultimate masterclass to get your registration strategy on the road to success and convert unknown visitors into identified, engaged leads!

Solve the challenge of the cookieless future, increase ARPU, become data-driven and more!

Google's n°1 recommendation for unlocking the power of 1st party data.

Written by the team behind the success of 100+ conversion strategies.

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On The Program:

Week 1: Benchmarking.

Analysis of 11 successful content producers' registration journeys, including Pinterest, HBR, Spotify, the NYT and more.

4 Successful Registration Wall Possibilities with Poool, including examples from our new no code design builder!

Discover how the finance and economy news publisher Boursier dramatically increased their registered user base to learn about their audience, increase ad revenue and convert

Clémence Baudouin, Challenges

Benjamin Lupu

The Africa Report

"We wanted to test new levers in order to grow and qualify our member base, while highlighting the value proposition. 

The flexibility of Poool's tool allowed us to make some tests on a small part of the audience then to extend it to a bigger part of our readers.

Today, Poool is the main source for new members on our website."

Week 2: Becoming data-driven.

First-Party Data and Registration Walls, 2-part white paper.

Employing a First-Party Data Strategy: The Solution to a Multitude of Challenges - an insightful webinar with BeOp covering the importance of a 1st party data strategy in today's internet climate.

Week 3: Launch your Strategy!

How to Launch a Registration Strategy.

 Increase ARPU with 3 complementary strategies.

Walls and SEO: How to maximize the value of your wall without putting SEO at risk

Week 4: Optimization.

Poool's North Star KPI for Digital Publishers.

How to Increase Engagement: Convert, Retain and Monetize.

How to Build the Optimal Registration Journey - the final summary of our analysis of 11 content producers successfully employing a registration wall strategy.

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